Each company has its strengths and uniqueness that deserve to be enhanced, and areas of weakness and criticality that must be solved. My strategic analysis starts from the optimization of all resources for concrete short, medium and long term solutions concerning sales channels, product ranges and distribution markets.

Whether you are looking to expand globally or increase growth transaction through effective omnichannel strategy, a strategy workshop or strategic review will ensure your whole business is aligned to reach your goal.

Strategic analysis on :

  • Operations and organizational structure.
  • Product assortment and branding.
  • Marketing and social engagement.


Development plans for:

  • Distribution channels
  • Product offer
  • National & International markets
  • Internal organisation and coaching



  • Review of the current brand proposition and differentiation
  • Competitive marketplace considerations including composition, trends and opportunity analysis
  • Review of category trends and industry retail strategies
  • Cross channel readiness and capability in key  dimensions. Preparing organisation for growth and change
  • Retail operations alignment to insights and strategy
  • Effective people, culture, capability and alignment to strategy
  • Operational benchmarks and performance measurement - KPI's